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SmartMesh – Patented Design! Superior Quality!

The SmartMesh cover offers a near effortless ownership experience. The exclusive mesh weave design allows the pool water to freely flow through the cover, while offering 100% sunlight filtration. The SmartMesh cover completely blocks out the sunlight so you don't need to worry about the growth of algae when your pool isn't in use. However, it also allows rain and melting snow to drain through the cover, avoiding unnecessary weight buildup on its top.

The SmartMesh cover provides you with all the advantages of a solid cover and a mesh cover in one. The SmartMesh pool cover is about 40 percent lighter than the typical solid covers, making it easy to install and remove from the pool. Even though this material is extremely lightweight, it provides the utmost in protection with the highest rankings for burst resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear strength.

The SmartMesh technology is unique and has even earned a U.S. patent. The SmartMesh cover is the best cover on the market today. Even though many competitors have tried to match these benefits and functions, the patented process prevents them from matching it exactly. It is important to make sure you look for the patent number on brochures and websites to ensure you are getting the real thing. If competitors are using the patent, they will also list their sunlight protection percentage. No one else offers 100 percent sunlight filtration.

The SmartMesh cover has a 15-year limited warranty.*
Available colors are green, grey, blue, and tan.

Always look for:

SmartMesh Patent Number - U.S. Patent 6,886,187 - 100 Percent Shade


Dura-Mesh – The Benchmark in Mesh Covers

The Dura-Mesh cover sets the standard for high-density mesh covers and is built to last. Out of any standard mesh cover, Dura-Mesh offers the industry’s highest abrasion resistance, tear strength, burst strength, and sunlight shading. The Dura-Mesh design is durable.

The Dura-Mesh cover is also designed to keep your pool cleaner. The cover has a tight weave of thick filaments. This design allows less sand, silt, and debris to pass through the cover, while still allowing rain and melting snow through. In addition, Dura-Mesh also lets less sunlight pass through and reduces the chance for algae to grow. Keep your pool clean with a long-lasting Dura-Mesh cover!

The Dura-Mesh cover has a 15-year limited warranty.*
Available colors are black, blue, green, tan and grey.


Classic Mesh – The Economical Option

The Classic Mesh cover is a conventional economy grade option. This cover provides stronger strength compared to competitor’s standard grade mesh. The Classic Mesh cover features quality material for high-load and high-stress applications. This cover is also priced for the pool owner looking for the benefits of a safety cover while staying in the confines of a budget.

The Classic Mesh cover has a 8-year limited warranty.*
Available in green.


Safety Solid – Time Tested & Proven To Do The Job

The Safety Solid cover is durable and keeps out light and debris. The solid material of this cover is designed to offer security plus a complete barrier to water, dust, dirt, and sunlight. This assists in the keeping the pool clean by preventing dirt and algae from gathering inside. Since the cover is made of a solid material, the Safety Solid cover offers the pool owner two options to remove standing water from the cover after it rains or snows. One option is an automatic pump that will sense and remove surface water on the cover. Another option is a patented window mesh filter panel to remove standing water. Be sure to speak to a Seasonal World Safety Cover Specialist to determine which water removal option is right for your Safety Solid cover.

The Safety Solid cover has a 10-year limited warranty.*
Available colors are blue and green.


With our specially designed tool, strap, and anchor system, anyone can easily install and remove the pool cover for easy protection and access. Despite the level of protection this cover provides, you can expect a lightweight material that makes it easy to handle. Our covers offer you:


We use computer aided drafting to create the exact shape for your pool cover for the utmost in protection.


We offer step-riser kits and cable systems that can fill in any of the gaps that do occur in the coverage of the cover. This ensures the utmost in coverage and protection, even when your pool features an unusual shape or odd angles.


The tops of our covers are manufactured from reinforced vinyl or polypropylene that is held in place with straps made from a combination of nylon and polypropylene. A steel buckle attaches these straps to the tension springs designed to hold the cover securely in place.


The straps are triple stitched to provide the greatest strength and protection. The tension springs are anchored securely in the deck, providing you with a tense, secure connection. Despite the fact our covers are lightweight, they boast a breaking point more than three times the standard set by the government.


We focus on strength. This is why we use steel tension springs that hook securely to brass anchors for the greatest durability.

*Please see a copy of the product warranty for complete warranty terms, conditions, and exclusions.


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