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Salt Cell Cleaning


If you have a saltwater pool it is recommended that the salt cell is cleaned a minimum of once per year in order to remove excessive scale and calcium build up from the inside of the cell. This will aid in the cell having proper flow and chlorine production all season long while helping to extend the overall life of the cell.

Seasonal World’s Salt Cell Cleaning includes the following scope of work.

Seasonal World’s Salt Cell Cleaning includes one (1) onsite visit in which the salt cell will be removed from the filter system plumbing and then soaked in a water and acid mixture for a period of 15-20 minutes. After the cell is soaked any remaining scale and/or calcium build up will be removed by hand or by rinsing the cell with water, all of which at the best of the ability of Seasonal World given the nature of the cell itself and condition that the cell is presently in. Seasonal World will also conduct a visual inspection of the cell plates and electrical connections and report anything that needs additional repair or replacement. Cell will then be placed back into the filter system plumbing, checked for leaks and checked for error/fault codes.

Please Note: The salt cell cleaning is priced per cell. In the event more than one salt cell exists – additional charges will apply. Property Owner will also be responsible to provide Seasonal World with a garden hose of a minimum length of 50’ and a working hose spigot (from a clean water source) that can be used for the salt cell cleaning. Additionally, the cleaning of the salt cell is defined as a necessary maintenance event that should take place a minimum of once per year and in some cases multiple times per year depending on the nature of the pool and usage. In the event, Seasonal World performs the salt cell cleaning as noted herein and the salt system continues to produce and error code or does not properly function – additional service, labor or parts may be needed and are not included with this salt cell cleaning service.