Cartridge Cleaning – Single Session – Seasonal World

Cartridge Cleaning – Single Session


Your filter is one of the most important elements of your entire pool and equipment set. As such, the proper seasonal maintenance is a must to avoid problems. This program offers a onetime cleaning solution for pool owners with a cartridge filter to help ensure proper seasonal maintenance is done to the filter cartridges.

Seasonal World’s Cartridge Cleaning – Single Session includes the following scope of work.

Seasonal World’s Single Session Cleaning Session includes one (1) onsite visit in which the filter will be disassembled and the filter elements will be cleaned using a high pressure tool to remove heavy debris. Once the heavy debris has been removed to the best of Seasonal World’s ability, Seasonal World will perform a “quick degreasing” which will aid in the removal of accumulated oils and algae build up. After the degreasing, Seasonal World will rinse the cartridges to remove the degreasing agent and other remaining debris. From this point, Seasonal World will then clean the inside of the filter tank and lubricate the main filter tank o-ring and reassemble the filter system. Finally, once the filter tank is fully reassembled, Seasonal World will re-start the system and purge the filter tank of any excess air.

Please Note: The single session is priced per filter system, where up to a maximum of four (4) cartridges exist. In the event more filter systems or cartridges exist than what is specified – additional charges will apply. Property Owner will also be responsible to provide Seasonal World with a garden hose of a minimum length of 50’ and a working hose spigot (from a clean water source) that can be used for the cartridge cleaning.

Weight 1 lbs