So, you have finally decided to get a pool or at least look into what is involved in getting one installed. This is great, and something that at first may seem like a daunting task - all of the research, investigating, meetings and decisions! Sounds scary and complicated, right? Well, it does not have to be. At least Seasonal World feels that this process should be fun, and we work hard to make this process just that way … fun!

Great Pool Builders, no matter where they are located, all have common characteristics that make them great. All of the common questions should be asked. But here is a list of specific questions that should be asked of every prospective Pool Builder you may be considering doing business with.

  • There is more than one pool type out there. Is the one you offer right for me?

    If you walked into a car dealership to buy a car and they only sold blue cars, chances are the dealer would not have a favorable attitude toward red cars. There is no difference with Pool Builders. The majority of Pool Builders only build one type of pool. [READ MORE]

    That is fine if that type is right for you. But, as a future Pool Owner, it is important to know there are other options out there. Great Pool Builders generally offer more than one type because some pools are a better fit than others. Great Pool Builders have an organizational structure that can handle and build various types. It is important to do your research and understand which pool is right for your needs and budget. Unbiased views tend to come from those who can offer more than one type over those who just offer one.

  • How do I know what the pool and backyard will truly look like?

    Many pool builders can show you samples of “other backyards” and that is a good starting point. But what is it going to look like in your own backyard? The majority of pool builders will have a handful of sizes and shapes they offer and that is it. [READ MORE]

    They also do not offer any type of design services – so you are generally left with pictures of other backyards and flyers on this week’s special. Great Pool Builders are able to design. They are able to design the pool and other elements of your yard so that you truly know what you will be getting. This avoids surprises that cannot be changed down the road without major expenses. Let’s face it an inground pool is a major investment. Great Pool Builders are aware of the fact that you are investing a lot into your home and family. So a design lets everyone involved in the project share in on the vision. No one would build a house without a design. A backyard should be no different.

  • Most backyards are more than a pool, so who manages the entire project?

    Everything starts with the pool as that is the central focal point. However, most Pool Builders lose focus of the project after that, and you as the Buyer often are left to interview masons, plumbers and electricians. If you have a ton of spare time, this is one way to fill it. [READ MORE]

    If you are like most people, you want a Pool Builder who can handle everything. Great Pool Builders are able to handle the entire project no matter the size. Every pool requires decking, plumbing and electric in some capacity. Great Pool Builders make you aware of this upfront and don’t leave that as an open item for you to discuss later on. Know the scope of your entire project and make sure all of the stuff outside the pool is talked about upfront, because it is important to establishing a true total price for your project.

  • Expertise is important! What is your experience level?

    There are a lot of so called “Pool Builders” out there. Some are here for a while and other - here today and gone tomorrow. The only problem is that on the surface this may not be easy to spot. Some Pool Builders also like to claim that they are “custom Pool Builders” or can “handle an entire project”. [READ MORE]

    Great Pool Builders are a pool builder first, not ex-landscapers or ex-masons looking for a career change. Also, Great Pool Builders can back up their statements. For example, if a Pool Builder claims that they are a custom Pool Builder, ask for the proof. Building the same pool size and shape over and over does not make someone a custom Pool Builder. The same can be said for companies that can handle your entire project. See the proof and talk to their clients. Building a pool takes expertise and experience to make sure the time after construction is completed is enjoyable and fun. Great Pool Builders have the knowhow of what works and what does not. More important, they can back up and support their claims and show you proof.

  • Who warranties and services my pool after construction is completed?

    Having a warranty is one thing. Having a source that you can seek warranty help is another. You should be asking each and every Pool Builder that you interview this question. Great Pool Builders will generally have their own in-house service and warranty department. [READ MORE]

    This way, the same company that built your pool is also the same company that services it. Some Pool Builders will contract this out to an outside company (not the Pool Builder), and this often puts you in the middle of warranty and service situations which can be an unpleasant spot. Although warranty and service may be seem like a long time away, consider it early in the process to avoid surprises after the pool is already in your backyard.

  • What is the plan for maintenance and what options are available?

    It is no secret that pools require maintenance. Chemical adjustments and cleanings are the two big ones, and these should not be overlooked during the design or build process. More importantly, there have been many advancements in pool maintenance. [READ MORE]

    If a Pool Builder is still offering basic robot cleaners and sanitization systems, chances are they do have the ability or care to offer you better products that can make your life easier and save you money. Great Pool Builders understand that maintenance should be on your terms and something that should be discussed during the design process. Great Pool Builders offer products that have a proven track record to make your pool easy to maintain so you can spend more time enjoying it. This includes everything from systems that will clean your pool, to alternative water sanitization down to the people that can care for your pool on a weekly basis.

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