When Is The Best Time To Buy An Inground Swimming Pool?

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There is a common misconception especially in the northeast part of the country, that it is cheaper to buy a pool in the “off season”. Although this appears to make logical sense, from a pool builder’s standpoint the time of year a consumer buys a pool really doesn’t make a difference.  The labor costs, material cost and overhead will remain the same throughout the course of any year.  Simply put there is no “better” time to buy an inground swimming pool. Conditions have to be right for you the buyer.


So What Does Matter?

The factors must be right for the buyer and they must be financially ready.    The buyer also must have done his or her research to make decisions on what type of pool to purchase, and what options and features should be included in the contract and built with the pool.


What About Promotions?

There are certain times of the year that some promotions from individual companies are better than others. Advertized promotions can be found on the web, in your local papers and through the mail.  The most important resource is family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.  Speak to them to find out what pool builders they have used, and what promotion options, or discounts they received when buying their pool.   Free options that some pool builders use as incentives for signing a contract might also be available.  Once you have obtained this information, you can ask the builder you are working with if they are able to do something similar for you.


Does Weather Affect The Costs?

Some believe that if you buy a pool in the cold weather, that you might be able to get a better price because the pool builder will give discounts to sell a greater volume of pools when times are slower.  Any legitimate pool builder knows that this is not true.  In figuring out the cost of building a pool, overhead remains constant through the year, as does the cost of labor.  Material prices, like every other commodity item never go down.So if it is cold, hot or warm out it is likely that the price of the pool will remain the same.


It’s Simple Buy When You Are Ready

The best time of year to buy a pool is when you are ready, and rule of thumb is the sooner the better.  Like almost everything else on the market the prices will not decrease.  Inground swimming pools have a long statistical track record of steadily increasing in price on an annual basis. If you wait longer, the price will generally only increase. Buy an inground swimming pool when you are ready.  Buy when you can get the best promotion to fit your family’s needs. The most important of all, buy at the right time to meet your target completion date.  Leave yourself ample time for permitting, and getting the pool built.  Check out the Seasonal World blog “How long does it take to build an inground swimming pool?” and “How quickly can an inground swimming pool be installed?” to give yourself an idea of how long it usually takes to build each pool.


Best Advice … Don’t Wait

Only you can decide the best time to buy a pool.   Make sure you are financially able to do it, and you can also get the best deal or promotion as an inground pool is a substantial purchase.  There is no better time to buy a pool than when you are ready, but the longer you wait, the longer you don’t get to enjoy all of the benefits of pool ownership!

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